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All Meetings at CMO in 2021

Code Title Arrival Date Departure Date
21w5145 Quantization in Derived Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory (Cancelled) 05/02/2021 05/07/2021
21w5243 Contextual Integrity for Differential Privacy (Cancelled) 05/09/2021 05/14/2021
21w5222 Analysis on Singular Spaces (Online) 05/16/2021 05/21/2021
21w5174 Chromatic Homotopy and Algebraic K-Theory (Cancelled) 05/23/2021 05/28/2021
21w5159 Frontiers in Billiard Dynamics (Cancelled) 05/30/2021 06/04/2021
21w5208 XX International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows (Online) 06/06/2021 06/11/2021
21w5128 Women in Shape Analysis 4 (Online) 06/13/2021 06/18/2021
21w5094 Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds (Online) 06/20/2021 06/25/2021
21w5196 Thermodynamic Formalism for Geodesic Flows (Cancelled) 06/27/2021 07/02/2021
21w5124 Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables (Online) 08/01/2021 08/06/2021
21w5179 Trends in the Classification of Algebraic Varieties and their Sheaves (Cancelled) 08/08/2021 08/13/2021
21w5058 Iwasawa Theory for GL(2) and Applications: Open Problems and New Directions (Cancelled) 08/15/2021 08/20/2021
21w5065 Bound-Preserving Space and Time Discretizations for Convection-Dominated Problems (Online) 08/22/2021 08/27/2021
21w5252 Algebraic Techniques in Theoretical Computer Science (Cancelled) 08/29/2021 09/03/2021
21w5127 New Trends in Nonlinear Diffusion: a Bridge between PDEs, Analysis and Geometry (Online) 09/05/2021 09/10/2021
21w5176 Integration of Model- and Data-Driven Methods for Medical Imaging (Cancelled) 09/12/2021 09/17/2021
21w5133 Computations and Data in Algebraic Statistics (Cancelled) 09/19/2021 09/24/2021
21w5225 Modeling and Computational Approaches to Individual and Collective Cell Movement in Complex Environments (Online) 09/26/2021 10/01/2021
21w5248 Motives and Invariants: Theory and Applications to Algebraic Groups and their Torsors (Cancelled) 10/03/2021 10/08/2021
21w5117 Real Polynomials: Counting and Stability (Online) 10/17/2021 10/22/2021
21w5239 Geometry & Learning from Data (Online) 10/24/2021 10/29/2021
21w5003 Rules of Protein-DNA Recognition: Computational and Experimental Advances (Cancelled) 10/31/2021 11/05/2021
21w5171 Strings: Geometry and Symmetries for Phenomenology (Online) 11/07/2021 11/12/2021
21w5066 Detection and Analysis of Gravitational Waves in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy: From Mathematical Modelling to Machine Learning 11/14/2021 11/19/2021
21w5107 Foundations of Objective Bayesian Methodology 11/28/2021 12/03/2021
21w5097 5th Meeting of Mexican Mathematicians in the World 12/05/2021 12/10/2021

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