Women in Control: New Trends in Infinite Dimensions

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Tennessee
- 10:03
Application of optimal control of parabolic PDE systems in biological model
Watch video | Download video: 201707170905-Lenhart.mp4 (174M)
, Universidad del Valle Colombia
- 10:32
Controllability of the Gear-Grimshaw system in [0,L]
Watch video | Download video: 201707171005-Rivas.mp4 (76M)
, FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina
- 11:33
Optimal Control of 1D Non linear Schrödinger equation
Watch video | Download video: 201707171102-SanchezdelaVega.mp4 (89M)
, University of Maringà Brazil
- 16:24
Exponential stability of a transmission problem for a viscoelastic wave equation
Watch video | Download video: 201707171531-Cavalcanti.mp4 (180M)
, Aix Marseille University
- 09:52
New phenomena for the null controllability of parabolic systems: Minimal time and geometrical dependence
Watch video | Download video: 201707180901-Benabdallah.mp4 (154M)
, University of Campinas
- 10:27
Exact local controllability to trajectories for a regulatory genes network
Watch video | Download video: 201707181000-Calsavara.mp4 (100M)
, NC State University
- 11:31
Optimization and Control in Free and Moving Boundary Fluid-Structure Interactions
Watch video | Download video: 201707181101-Bociu.mp4 (99M)
, Kharkiv National University
- 12:05
Uniform stability of the interactive system of full Karman equation and viscous fluid equation
Watch video | Download video: 201707181136-Ryzhkova-Gerasymova.mp4 (101M)
, Universita' degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
- 14:55
On a linearization of the Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation: optimal control and regularity
Watch video | Download video: 201707181402-Bucci.mp4 (172M)
, Sapienza Università di Roma
- 09:58
Impacts on reachability for coupled integro-differential equations
Watch video | Download video: 201707190900-Sforza.mp4 (191M)
, Universidad de Sevilla Spain
- 10:29
Numerical approximation of some inverse problems arising in Elastography
Watch video | Download video: 201707190959-Doubova.mp4 (97M)
, Middle Tennessee State University
- 11:31
Optimal Control applied to Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs with Biological Applications
Watch video | Download video: 201707191101-Ding.mp4 (84M)
, University of Wuppertal
- 09:55
Input to state stability of evolution equations
Watch video | Download video: 201707200902-Jacob.mp4 (206M)
, Oklahoma State University
- 10:30
Boundary Control of Optimal Mixing in Stokes and Navier-Stokes Flows
Watch video | Download video: 201707201000-Hu.mp4 (107M)
, Polish Academy of Sciences
- 11:25
Boundary control of strong solutions in fluid structure interactions arising in coupling of elasticity with Navier-Stokes equations
Watch video | Download video: 201707201103-Szulc.mp4 (58M)
, Wayne State University USA
- 11:47
Uniform Decay Rates for a full Von Karman System of Dynamic Thermoelasticity with Free Boundary Conditions.
Watch video | Download video: 201707201130-Lebiedzik.mp4 (56M)
, University of Groningen Netherlands
- 14:13
Singular perturbations for hyperbolic port-Hamiltonian and non-hyperbolic systems
Watch video | Download video: 201707201334-Scherpen.mp4 (124M)
, University of Rome
- 10:01
Fourier series in control problems
Watch video | Download video: 201707210912-Loreti.mp4 (197M)
, Virginia State University
- 10:32
The Analyticity and Exponential Decay of a Stokes-Wave Coupling System with Viscoelastic Damping in the Variational Framework
Watch video | Download video: 201707211003-Zhang.mp4 (104M)