Participant Testimonials

Jul 16 - Jul 21, 2017

I had a great time in the BIRS workshop "Women in Control: New Trends in Infinite Dimensions" in all aspects. It was very well organized regarding the logistic aspects, accommodation and the marvelous place. The support you give us was really incredible. Concerning the scientific aspects, as it was a plenary workshop, we had the chance to discuss about open problems and to have new ideas for possible new papers. It was also a great opportunity to meet a new generation of mathematicians all over the world. All we have to do is to thank the organizers: Luz de Tereza, Irena Lasiecka and Kirsten Morris for their efforts in organizing this meeting and BIRS for the support.

Valéria Neves Domingos Cavalcanti PhD
Mathematics Department, University of Maringá - Brazil

I've established a lot of new contacts both with researchers who work on problems very similar to mine and with researchers who work in less connected areas.

Iryna Ryzhkova-Gerasymova Dr.
School of mathematics and computer sciences, Kharkiv National University