Participant Testimonials

Feb 12 - Feb 17, 2012

This workshop allowed me to discuss my research with other mathematicians interested in similar topics. I am shifting the direction of my research slightly as a result of the many talks and informal discussions I had with my colleagues at BIRS.

Anna Marie Bohmann Boas Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Northwestern University

This was a very focused workshop, and the level of the discussion was unusually constructive and to the point. I learned much that I did not know and which would not have been uncovered with a broader thematic coverage. This will surely affect my future research in many ways.

Bjorn Dundas mathematics, University of Bergen

Great chance to exchange ideas with other experts. Several new ideas and probable collaborations. Many of my (former) students and postdocs were there and gained a lot from the experience.

Peter May Professor
Mathematics, University of Chicago