Participant Testimonials

Jul 02 - Jul 15, 2023

The workshop overall was very nice and I got a lot of takeaways from it academically.

Arnab Bose Graduate Student
Mathematics, University of Lethbridge

This event has been highly relevant to me in several aspects, as it has provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other researchers in my field of specialization. It has also allowed me to gain insights into various research problems in analytic number theory from a contemporary perspective. Furthermore, this event will have a direct and positive impact on my academic development, as the research project we have initiated collaboration on is closely related to my doctoral thesis. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers and BIRS for offering us a truly exceptional experience of learning and professional growth in an environment that promotes equity, inclusivity, and diversity.

Andradis Elieser Luna Martinez Math teacher
Mathematics, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Yes, I have been greatly benefited from the BIRS summer school. This has given be valuable insights and exposure in different field namely explicit number theory other than the specific field I work in. I really appreciate the in-person collaboration experience in group which happened in the second week. It was a unique experience. Hope this will lead to further collaborations in future. I am grateful to all my project members including our project leader Nathan Ng for his valuable insights and direction in the project. I got to learn a lot and yet a lot to learn from expert like him. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity. I look forward to exploring further learning opportunities and hope to participate in similar programs in the future.

Jewel Mahajan Research Scholar
Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

The organizers planned and executed an excellent two week long workshop whose unique format gave me the opportunity to learn more than I knew was possible in 14 days. In the first week, we had lectures and "learning activities" which were small group problem sessions where we got to work on questions the speakers selected. In the second week, we had the opportunity to work in groups on a research project. The lectures from the previous week helped to orient me in our question and having an entire week to be in-person with my collaborators working on our project was a wonderful opportunity to get traction on an interesting question.

Marcella Manivel Graduate Student
Mathematics, University of Minnesota

I enjoyed the BIRS summer school held in Kelowna, BC. I had a chance to re-unite with many colleagues and a segment of my former students and grand-students!! The academic interactions were stimulating.

Ram Murty Professor and Queen's Research Chair
Mathematics, Queen's University

It was an amazing workshop. I being an MSc student with an interest towards Number Theory, have found it quite useful and gained a lot from here. Especially the discussion sessions were highly fruitful and encouraging. I would very much like to attend this program in offline phase the next year.

Ritoprovo Roy Mr
Mathematics, Kerala School of Mathematics

The Inclusive Paths to Explicit Number Theory summer school was excellent. The first week had great talks and the second week consisted of research. The research performed in the second week was very exciting and I think will lead to publication. The collaborative atmosphere at the summer school was very pleasant and made for a great experience. It was also useful to see so many people working on this area of mathematics at the same place.

Enrique Treviño Associate Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science, Lake Forest College