Mathematical Challenges in Adaptation of Quantum Chemistry to Quantum Computers

Arriving Friday, September 1 and departing Sunday September 3, 2023

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Alexandre, Foley University Sherbrooke
Azad, Utkarsh Xanadu Quantum Technologies
Brown, James Good Chemistry Company
Brown, Alex University of Alberta
Cooke, Logan University of Alberta
Das, Saurya University of Lethbridge
Di Matteo, Olivia The University of British Columbia
Feder, David University of Calgary
Gaur, Daya University of Lethbridge
Ghaemi, Sajjad National Research Council Canada
Guala, Diego Xanadu Quantum Technologies
Gusarov, Sergey National Research Council Canada
Hu, Hang National Research Council Canada
hu, Anguang DRDC
Izmaylov, Artur University of Toronto
Karabina, Koray National research Council Canada
Kaye, Phillip National, Research Council Canada
Kurita, Tomochika Fujitsu
Lyubimova, Olga N/A
Nair, Prashant UBC
Nakaji, Kouhei University of Toronto
Naseri, Mosayeb University of Calgary
Salahub, Dennis University of Calgary
Thomas, Baker University of Victoria
Veronika, Sharko GlycoNet UofA
Veryazov, Valera Lund University