Participant Testimonials

Aug 28 - Sep 02, 2022

Thank you very much once again for the kind invitation to Banff, to the hybrid workshop "Specialization and Effectiveness in Number Theory". It was very useful and stimulating to me. I should like to express my special thank to the organizers, too, for this superb workshop. I could attend online several excellent talks, and could consult with some prticipants. My participation at the BIRS program has greatly helped my research program.

Kálmán Györy Dept of Algebra and Number Theory, University of Debrecen

I can say that it was a wonderful conference with plenty of exciting talks. It was a good combination of survey-type lectures and specific talks devoted to modern mathematical problems. I have found new topics of research and I have learned a lot of fresh mathematical questions. Concretely, I can say that thanks to Emmanuel Breuillard's lecture I have realized a new connection between my current research and some adjacent fields.

Il'ya Shkredov Steklov Institute of Mathematics

The workshop indeed was a very stimulating event focussing on recent developments in our field. After a long covid break, it was important to meet researchers of our group in person. In particular, many young researchers presented excellent results. I should point out that most of the organisatorial work has been done by Alina Ostafe in a perfect manner. Many thanks also to your technical staff- they helped that this hybrid event was running smoothly.

Robert Tichy Analysis and Number Theory, Graz University of Technology