Participant Testimonials

Dec 09 - Dec 11, 2022

BIRS provided an ideal environment to take a break from day-to-day activities and focus fully on building research collaborations and networking. The friendly staff and the availability of resources were great additions to our work.

Laleh Behjat Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary

This opportunity was refreshing, inspirational, constructive, and impactful. We had many critical discussions about equity in science and the value of inclusive, collaborative networks. At various points in our conversations, we could turn our collective gaze to the sun rising over the mountains surrounding us, and this led to more grounded, constructive engagement. The BIRS workshop led to new connections, valuable partnerships, and lasting bonds that I am excited to explore in the future. Gratitude to the organizers, participants, and BIRS for creating such a special place for scientific work to advance while surrounded by the beauty and awe of the natural world.

Eden Hennessey EDI Data Specialist
Wilfrid Laurier University