Participant Testimonials

Jun 14 - Jun 18, 2021

I very much enjoyed the Tangent Categories and their Applications workshop! The tutorials encompassed a very broad amount of mathematics: category theory, algebra, mathematical logic, homotopy theory and computer science. I appreciated that the speakers made their subject accessible to a wide audience. The planned discussions in the GatherTown "pub" were stimulating, and I hope they will lead to new projects - including new research projects and a new book project.

Kristine Bauer Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

I have much appreciated my participation to the online BIRS Workshop. Though I had some ideas about Tangent categories, it allowed developing this knowledge in a domain I think essential for my own works. This online event also helped me 'virtually' meet people I had well known a long time ago and I was pleased to see them anew. ... Thank you for this beautiful event which was so well organized.

Andree Ehresmann Professeur Emérite
Mathematics, LAMFA, Université de Picardie

The workshop helped me learn some recent developments in my area and in adjacent areas. It was also an opportunity to discuss with colleagues I don't see often.

Martin Frankland Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina

Really an amazing conference, I was impressed by the diversity: logic, differential geometry, functional analysis, homotopy theory, topos, computer science ...

Keyao Peng Institut Fourier, Grenoble Alpes University