Optimization under Uncertainty: Learning and Decision Making (Online)

Videos from BIRS Workshop 21w5167

, Stevens Institute of Technology
- 09:53
Subregular Recourse in Multistage Stochastic Optimization
Watch video | Download video: 202102080900-Dentcheva.mp4 (79M)
, Ohio State University
- 10:55
Data-driven sample average approximation with covariate information
Watch video | Download video: 202102081001-Bayraksan.mp4 (76M)
, Sandia National Laboratories
- 11:49
A primal-dual algorithm for large-scale risk minimization
Watch video | Download video: 202102081104-Kouri.mp4 (71M)
, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- 12:55
Transport methods for likelihood-free inference and data assimilation
Watch video | Download video: 202102081200-Marzouk.mp4 (83M)
, New York University
- 09:53
Optimal control of PDEs under uncertainty with joint chance state constraints
Watch video | Download video: 202102090900-Stadler.mp4 (80M)
, UT Austin
- 10:59
Taylor approximation for PDE and chance constrained optimization under uncertainty
Watch video | Download video: 202102091004-Chen.mp4 (118M)
, California Institute of Technology
- 09:57
Conditional Sampling with Monotone GANs: Modifying Generative Models to Solve Inverse Problems
Watch video | Download video: 202102100902-Hosseini.mp4 (76M)
, Columbia University
- 09:45
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation in heteroscedastic mixture models: density estimation, denoising and deconvolution
Watch video | Download video: 202102110900-Sen.mp4 (127M)
, Sandia National Laboratories
- 10:55
Hyper-differential sensitivity analysis for control under uncertainty of aerospace vehicles
Watch video | Download video: 202102121000-vanBloemenWaanders.mp4 (73M)
, Emory
- 11:51
Train Like a (VarPro): Efficient Training of Neural Networks with Variable Projection
Watch video | Download video: 202102121100-Newman.mp4 (79M)