Participant Testimonials

Jan 31 - Feb 05, 2021

The BIRS workshop that I attended provided a very stimulating environment. Although the workshop took place online, I can honestly say that the experience was just as good as an in-person workshop. I had some very informative discussions with a range of people, picked up new inspiration for research projects, and started a new research collaboration.

Derek Harland Associate Professor
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

It was a wonderful conference and I enjoyed it a lot. The BIRS workshop this time impacted my current research a lot. I think during the communication with other participants, one of my old gap has been solved. We might also collaborate in the future. I really thank BIRS and the organizers for providing these opportunities.

Siqi He Research Assistant Professor
Simpns Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook

As usual, BIRS provided a very good setting for this workshop -- certainly different than going up to Banff, but given the circumstances, it went very well. We are all getting used to the Sococo platform and it is good for these purposes and allows people to have casual conversations outside of lectures. The BIRS administrative support was great, as always.

Rafe Mazzeo Professor
Mathematics, Stanford University

I got new valuable knowledge from the talks in the workshop. Because I know only a few aspects of monopoles, it is quite helpful for me to listen the talks of specialists for other aspects. This was the first chance for me to explain my study to specialists of monopoles, and I appreciate the comments and the questions to my talk. I talked with Professors Mazzeo and He on a related topic. It is very stimulating, and I hope that it would lead us to a joint work.

Takuro Mochizuki Professor
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University