Participant Testimonials

Jul 28 - Aug 02, 2019

The CMO-BIRS workshop entitled "Timelike Boundaries in General Relativistic Evolution Problems" was very beneficial both for my scientific research and for my professional life. It brought together experts from all over the world in both theoretical and numerical aspects of this important and timely topic. During the workshop, I had the opportunity to present my current work, including areas in which I am stuck. The participants gave me valuable feedback regarding the importance of my work, how to proceed, and interest in collaborations. The workshop was structured so that there were plenty of opportunities between talks or during breaks to meet other participants and explore lines of mutual interest. In addition to giving me clarity about my current research, the workshop enabled me to form new connections regarding other work I have done in the past. For example, I met a mathematician who is proving well-posedness of a formulation very similar to one that I and collaborators had developed several years ago but about which he was unaware. Our connection can now be very helpful in our specific lines of research. Additionally, I was able to inform other colleagues of work and results of which they were unaware. The organization of the workshop was terrific for several reasons. First, it brought together mathematicians, theoretical physicists, and numerical relativists so that a wealth of applicable information was exchanged through boundaries that normally separate these disparate disciplines. Second, we came together for delicious meals three times a day in a beautiful and cozy environment, which helped us familiarize ourselves with one another in a jovial way. Finally, the number of speakers per session and the time allotted for each speaker was perfect — there was plenty of time to understand, discuss, and absorb the work presented. Finally, I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best conference experience I have had in my entire professional career. The organizers and all the staff did a fantastic job and I am very grateful.

Luisa Buchman Caltech, UW Bothell

The workshop gave me valuable insight into a field that is somewhat removed from my own area of expertise, but that I hope to connect to more closely in the future.

Robert Oeckl Investigador Titular B
Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México