Participant Testimonials

Nov 10 - Nov 15, 2019

I enjoyed very much the conference in Oaxaca, both from the scientific aspect and the social aspect. I have learned what my young colleagues are doing and how my own research has mushroomed. In particular I was happy to meet my former student David Grynkiewicz and introduced to him one of the former students of Amanda, furthermore, we started to work on some new problems which I suggested. I enjoyed very much the social aspect of the conference, meeting many old friends and getting to know some new friends. The excursion to the archaeological site was wonderful. Hopefully, the conference will have a continuation. Thank you, Arie Bialostocki

Arie Bialostocki Retired
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Idaho

1/ my participation both as organizer and a researcher was a very good experience . I already started working on some projects using connections I established in the CMO-workshop. There are already few new results related to the area of planar avoidable graphs in which I didn't work before. There is also a starting collaboration about zero-sum Ramsey numbers. 2/ there were several post-Doc and graduate students who worked with me during the subject at least to try to choose some paths to develop for their own research. It will take time to see if the seeds will turn to flours. 3/ I think the workshop showed the strength and depth of the algebraic part of zero-sum problems and the need to revive interest in some of the long open problems and conjecture of zero-sum problems.

Yair Caro Professor
Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Haifa-Oranim

Dear Amanda, Adriana, and Yair, Thank you for putting together an excellent group of mathematicians and, at the same time, a group of wonderful people from all around the world. Your workshop was timely, well-thought-out, and with a clear scientific goal. For me personally, it was one of events that I will remember for long time as a positive and inspirational experience. Please pass my thanks to the CMO staff. They were exceptional. Thanks again, Veselin

Veselin Jungic Professor
Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University