Participant Testimonials

Sep 08 - Sep 13, 2019

My participation in the CMO-BIRS workshop impacted current research, and I got new contacts that I wouldn't have had otherwise. And it was good for my current job. For all this, thanks.

Angelito Camacho Research professor
Área de Matemáticas, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo

The workshop allowed me to meet a great part of people working in my field. All the talks were interesting and some of them gave me ideas for my work. It was a really great experience!

Cédric Le Texier Mathematics, Oslo University

The workshop was great. The talks were very interesting, and there was a nice learning atmosphere. I had numerous most valuable discussions with colleagues, and I met new people whose research will be influential for my own agenda.

Hannah Markwig University of Tuebingen

I really enjoyed the opportunity to attend this conference. I had very effective discussions with very famous mathematicians in the same field. I have learned a lot from many quality presentations. I also met my large math family for the first time, which was really valuable and also motivated me to research. Mexico is also a great place to travel and food. Thank you sincerely to all organizers for such a wonderful experience in life.

Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen Université de Nantes

The workshop was useful for me. In addition to keeping up with research in tropical geometry, I worked with one of the attendes to help her put together a BIRS proposal. I made significant progress on a project with two coauthors who were also in attendance. It was a good meeting.

Frank Sottile Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Texas A & M University