Participant Testimonials

Nov 04 - Nov 09, 2018

The workshop allowed me to have the confidence to ask questions and make the most of a conference unlike any other conference. Being a women only conference it gave me the opportunity to communicate mathematics without having to prove myself. It gave me also a new foresight on job prospects, and actually made me rethink my capabilities as a researcher. I can be a successful researcher! I now have new collaborators with whom I feel comfortable working with.

Sarah Browne Postdoctoral Scholar
Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

This workshop was absolutely remarkable. It provided me with an opportunity to meet and talk maths with outstanding researchers from around the world. During the week, I joined a new collaboration with researchers that I would have never normally had an opportunity to work with. The composition of our group and the structure of the workshop enabled us to prove several preliminary results, which we will develop into a paper in the coming months. Most importantly, this workshop brought together many women in a field with strikingly poor representation of women. The connections formed here, both mathematical and personal, will positively impact the diversity and, consequently, the mathematical developments in our field.

Kristin Courtney Dr.
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, WWU Münster

The meeting was a unique opportunity to meet colleagues that I would not meet at regular workshops and offered me the chance to start a new research collaboration.

Nadia Larsen Mathematics, University of Oslo

Participating in this BIRS workshop has broadened my knowledge in the research field which I study, as well as new fresh insight of some research questions which I am interested. It was quite an unique experience that in the workshop not only I could have new contacts, but also we started a new collaboration on a research project. It is really good that we could just focus on our research problems during the whole week and achieved some results. On the top of all scientific aspects, I feel very much supported in our discipline through the workshop and the colleagues whom I got to know, which is very valuable for me.

Ying-Fen Lin Dr
Mathematical Science Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast