Participant Testimonials

Sep 09 - Sep 14, 2018

This workshop has been very helpful to me. In particular, my discussion with the participants gave me some insight on some new potential research that I might start during my next sabbatical starting in January of next year.

Hakima Bessaih Department of Mathematics, University of Wyoming

This is a very well organized workshop, my participation impacted my current research and I benefited a lot from it. The service is quite good.

Jingyu Huang University of Birmingham

The workshop helped me confirm that the research I am currenty engaged in with my Ph.D. advisees and other colleagues is not only highly original but that it has eluded others' attempts. This will be great for my students. I hope my presentation was enlightening for the people in attendance. The location is stunning, please have more workshops in Oaxaca!

Frederi Viens Professor and Chair of Statistics and Probability, Director of Actuarial Science Program
Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for researchers in probability, stochastic analysis, and related areas to interact with and learn from each other. The talks are of high quality and the discussions are very stimulating to me. The staff members of CMO are very nice, professional, and helpful. The facility is excellent.

Yimin Xiao Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University