Regularity and Blow-up of Navier-Stokes Type PDEs using Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis (18w5057)


(University of Rochester)

Hakima bessaih (Florida International University)

Peter Constantin (Princeton University)

(Oklahoma State University)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Regularity and Blow-up of Navier-Stokes Type PDEs using Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis" workshop from August 19th to August 24th, 2018.

Over the past few years, there have been extensive activities and substantial developments in the mathematical study of the Navier-Stokes-type equations such as the Euler Equations, the surface quasi-geostrophic equations, the Boussinesq and magnetohydrodynamics systems. These partial differential equations are some of the most frequently used models for describing motion of fluid, and for many scientific and practical applications, it is crucial to understand the behavior of their solutions, in particular whether all the solutions initiated from sufficiently smooth data remain smooth for all time or if there exists an initial data such that a solution may evolve from it to display a finite-time blow-up. The aim of this five-day workshop is to provide an intellectual environment for interaction among the community of researchers in fluid dynamics with diverse background in training, in particular harmonic and stochastic analysis. Besides stimulating lectures through which participants can share their work and junior mathematicians can mature through valuable training, organizers plan to provide sufficient amount of breaks between each talk, which become opportunities for participants to engage in discussions and collaborate, as well as establish contacts with those whom otherwise would not have had such an opportunity to come together and interact.

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