Participant Testimonials

May 27 - Jun 01, 2018

Thanks to the CMO-BIRS workshop, I met to Dr. Derenthal who helped me with a paper. The workshop helped me to finish my paper. Mainly, the talk of Dr. Heat-Brown.

Miguel Corona Professor of Math
Mathematics, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

This was an incredible workshop with a dense programme of excellent talks on exciting new developments in arithmetic geometry, while still leaving some time for collaborations and inspiring discussions.

Christopher Frei School of Mathematics, University of Manchester

The workshop gave me the opportunity to meet many new esteemed mathematicians in my field, including a number I likely otherwise wouldn't have met. It gave me several new ideas for my current research problems. It also gave me the opportunity to talk to mathematicians I had previously met, and one of them suggested a problem to me that I plan to think about in the future. In general, it was helpful for broadening the techniques I might use to attack problems.

Aaron Landesman Stanford University

The workshop was greatly useful! The biggest thing is that I have a new result that was very useful to present and get feedback on. Beyond that, I benefit a lot from conferences like this that blend participants from different subareas of the same field; it was very useful, especially, to get to talk a lot to Browning's students and share ideas and techniques. I have been thinking a lot about the function field case of what many of his students have been working on, and it was useful to discuss. I am already tenured, so it didn't affect my job prospects; but one of my current phd students, and one of my former (who is not a post doc) both presented, and both had lively discussions afterwards. Additionally, my student was able to spend the breaks finalizing a preprint with a postdoc who was present.

David Zureick-Brown Associate Professor
Mathematics, Emory University