Participant Testimonials

Oct 12 - Oct 14, 2018

The stochastics retreat was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues in my research area and obtain updates on their recent work.

Eric Foxall Max Wyman visiting assistant professor
Mathematics, U. Alberta

The meeting featured talks on a range of topics in Stochastics, both pure and applied. This workshop provided an opportunity for some very interesting discussions with other participants and learn new results. The stay at BIRS was enjoyable as always and I thank their staff for maintaining the high standards.

Mathav Murugan Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia

I consider myself lucky for having been able to attend the absolutely wonderful and vibrant retreat for young researchers in stochastics... despite the term "young" in the name, it was an absolute delight to meet the senior mathematicians, especially Prof. Perkins and Prof. Barlow. The talks were great, and I am very happy that people appreciated my work and my talk, and interacting with my fellow participants and speakers was a very refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The surroundings, of course, beggar description. This is the first time I have gotten that close to wild deer :-D My only regret was that it was too short a stay. I wish I could have stayed longer...and I sincerely hope I can be in BIRS again in the near future :-) Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity

Moumanti Podder Acting Assistant Professor
Mathematics, University of Washington

It was a great opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge with young researchers, to propose new research problems, to get know other researchers' scientific problems and results. And BIRS is a wonderful place to facilitate all these activities. Thanks a lot to BIRS and its staff for making our stay there pleasant and enjoyable.

Anatoliy Swishchuk Dr., Prof.
Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary