Participant Testimonials

Oct 01 - Oct 06, 2017

Birs workshop $p$-adic Cohomology and Arithmetic Applications was amazing for me. It gave me the opportunity to work with my collaborator: M. Strauch, and to hear about recent results from many people working in the same area as me and that will be useful for my research. Thank you very much for organizing this workshop,

Christine Huyghe Mathematics, IRMA Universite de Strasbourg

Speaking for myself, the workshop was extremely productive. I made concrete progress on several projects, particularly computing L-functions of hypergeometric motives, and exhausting over spaces of Weil polynomials. The synergy between the two different themes of the workshop (lattices and zeta functions) was quite constructive. I expect some new collaborations to emerge as a result.

Kiran Kedlaya Mathematics, University of California, San Diego