WIN4: Women in Numbers 4 (17w5083)


(Concordia University)

(Boston University)

(University of Hawaii at Manoa)

(University of Washington)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "WIN4: Women in Numbers 4" workshop from August 13th to August 18th, 2017.

Building upon the foundation of three previous WIN conferences, this workshop will support the continued development of the female number theory community by bringing together researchers at various stages of their careers (from graduate students to senior mathematicians) for research collaboration and mentorship.

WIN4 will promote research and leadership among female number theorists within a supportive environment. The specific goals of the workshop are:

  • to generate research in significant topics in number theory;
  • to broaden the research programs of female number theorists, especially pre-tenure;
  • to train female graduate students and postdocs in number theory, by providing experience with collaborative research and the publication process;
  • to strengthen and extend a research network of potential collaborators in number theory and related fields;
  • to enable female faculty at small colleges to participate actively in research activities including mentoring graduate students and postdocs; and
  • to highlight research activities of women in number theory.

The focus of the workshop is on supporting new research collaborations within small groups. Before the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests. Each group will have one or two leaders chosen for their skill in both research and communication. Prior to the conference, these leaders will design projects and provide background reading and references for their groups. At the conference, the project leaders will give morning lectures, but afternoons and evenings will be dedicated to the working groups. Project leaders will direct their group's research effort and provide mentorship. At the end of the week, members of each research group will describe their group's progress on the research problems as well as future directions for the work.

The scientific themes of the workshop will include Apollonian circle packings, Langlands program and modular forms, arithmetic statistics, and nonarchimedean tools. The broad scope of the WIN conferences encourages the leaders to find connections between their topics.

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