Participant Testimonials

Apr 23 - Apr 28, 2017

This workshop was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to interact informally with several experts in fields related to mine, but whose work is sufficiently different from my own as to give me a fresh perspective. I think that at least one collaboration will result from my participation on this workshop. I attended with one of my PhD students, and this was a great opportunity for him to establish important connections early in his career. The setting was fantastic, and it provided the opportunity for the discussions to happen not only during the sessions, but also during meals and hikes.

Miguel Alonso Professor
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

The meeting in Banff was the best I have ever attended. The venue, the format, and the attendants made it a unique and highly satisfactory experience. I met a few scientists for the first time with which I seem to share many common interests. In one particular case (Michael Mazilu), we discovered that we had reached very similar results coming from two very different starting points, which has had an immediate strengthening of both our work. We are currently seeking concrete ways of collaboration. I would also like to mention that the recording and online availability of my presentation is an excellent asset in my current search of a permanent academic position.

Ivan Fernandez-Corbaton Karlsruhe Institute of Technology