Participant Testimonials

May 28 - Jun 02, 2017

This workshop was an extremely productive one from my perspective. The participants included many leading experts in the field, and I was able to make forward progress on two existing projects with collaborators who were also in attendance, as well as obtaining an entirely new result. I can pinpoint the exact moment when the new insight occurred: it was on the trail up Tunnel Mountain while taking a quick hike I took during the lunch break before the afternoon session. The combination of the theoretical beauty of the mathematical content of the talks and the natural beauty of the environment around BIRS was wonderfully exhilirating.

Andrew Sutherland Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. I started a new collaboration with David Zureick-Brown. So far I computed low-degree plane models for two of the curves mentioned in his talk (time 40:34 in the online video, the curves of genus 6 and genus 12) and I hope to make further contributions to this project.

Mark van Hoeij Mathematics, Florida State University