Participant Testimonials

Aug 20 - Aug 25, 2017

My participation in the workshop has been a real impact in my current research. I have had the opportunity to continue with work that I started approximately one year before during a research visit of one of the participants of the workshop in my University... that was so nice!!!. Also I created new connections related with my current research. Moreover, I really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks a lot to the organizers Eugenia, Dimitri and Egon for inviting me.

Gabriela Araujo-Pardo Mathematics Institute Campus Juriquilla, UNAM

The workshop turned out to be a great academic experience. The organizers did a fantastic job. A well balanced schedule of 30m talks with working time in small groups on various problems proposed and chosen during the first day. The outcome was that we learned a lot about different ways of thinking coming from various backgrounds. For students and young researchers it was stimulating and fruitful in the sense that they got to know many mathematicians in working-mode. Personally, I enjoyed it immensely and left with new problems and insights, and very optimistic for the future of the young mathematicians in the field.

Javier Bracho Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM

During the workshop several open questions were posed. I discussed some of them with other participants, particularly those questions that are closer with my recent research. It was useful to me to see that other people are interested in these topics, and I learned about their intentions of making progress on them. In the future it will be easier to me to find people with whom to collaborate in such topics. On the other hand, I joined a research group on a topic that is new to me, and while doing so I learned a lot about it. This was a good opportunity to attack a problem in a complete new topic for me, surrounded by people that know better that topic and were able to guide me through it. This workshop was also very good for my PhD student. He had the opportunity to talk to leaders of the area about his PhD problem. Moreover, he had a great experience on attacking a problem together with well-known researchers from other parts of the world. I hope that this will be very helpful when looking for a post-doctoral fellowship for him when he finishes his PhD.

Daniel Pellicer Prof
Centro de Ciencias Matematicas, Morelia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

I have new contacts and possibly new collaboration.

Hendrik van Maldeghem Department of Mathematics, Ghent University