Participant Testimonials

Nov 06 - Nov 11, 2016

Outstanding program in all respects.

Rodrigo Banuelos Mathematics, Purdue University

The conference site in Oaxaca is a very comfortable hotel, with just the right capacity for a group about 50 people. The conference program was extremely successful. This added to a perfect weather and cuisine made for one of the best conference experiences I have had.

Krzysztof Bogdan Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

I am very happy and satisfied of my participation to the workshop from many points of view. I had the chance of meeting mathematicians from around the world, with whom I shared subjects of interest. I had also the possibility of seeing some new research in some fields, that even though are not my principle field of study, were nevertheless very interesting. On top of that, I had very pleasent discussions, both scientific and "job oriented".

Claudia Bucur Matematica , Università degli Studi di Milano

The workshop on Stable Processes was very stimulating for me. It gave the opportunity of discussing with Piotr Grazyc and Tomasz Zac on their ongoing work on inversions of diffusions and related subjects. It also allowed me to see the work that is being done in other directions different from those we are working on in Mexico. Specially Bañuelos and Rosinski treated very interesting subjects, as well as Chen with whom I had the occasion of discussing during the workshop. The general ambiance was great and I saw all the participants taking part in many mathematical discussions. I thank you for the various opportunities I have had during this year to attend CMO workshops in probability.

MEMILIA Caballero Instituto de Matemáticas UNAM

The meeting was very friutful to me: - many intersting talks -continuation of current research -New contacts I wouldn't have had otherwise (M.E.Caballero)

Piotr Graczyk professor
Maths, University of Angers

The workshop had a great impact in my research. It allowed me to meet with some of my collaborators and advance in some works in progress, it allowed me also to meet other specialists in the field and enlarging my research network, and to start new projects. In particular, I started a collaboration with a potential postdoc. I participated in the planning of some future meetings either in Mexico or abroad.

Victor Rivero Doctor
Probability and Statistics, CIMAT A.C.

Excellent scientific program. It is too early to talk about new papers, but new ideas and contacts were established. The facilities are great.

Gennady Samorodnitsky School of Operations Research and Information Engr, Cornell University

I really enjoyed my stay at CMO. The area is very beautiful and the conference was very interesting. This was the first time in my scientific life that I attended all talks of the conference! All talks were really interesting and broaden my view at the subject. During the conference I also had several interesting discussions about this part of mathematics I am interested in. Especially fruitful were conversations with professor M.E. Caballero, because it turned out that she is also interested in problems I try to solve. During the month after the conference we continued our discussions using e-mails. I started my talk in Oaxaca expressing my gratitude to all the organizers of this conference.

Tomasz Zak Department of Mathematics, Wroclaw University of Technology