Participant Testimonials

Dec 04 - Dec 09, 2016

The workshop was extremely helpful for my research. For one, it was an opportunity to meet former or current collaborators. I have had a discussion with one participant with whom I have an ongoing project and we had the chance to discuss a problem that we are stuck with. To have the opportunity to discuss this in person was very helpful. Secondly, the workshop was an opportunity to learn about new and ongoing research from other colleagues and it was very inspiring in this regard. For instance, one presentation has lead to a new project idea for me that I have used for a PhD project proposal that I submitted yesterday. Finally, I also had the opportunity to discuss with a number of further participants their particular questions that are related to my own research and I have gained new insights into their research in this way too. It was very motivating to see how my research ideas influence other research projects that I was not even aware of.

Vasco Brattka Professor
Department of Computer Science, UniBW Munich

I met new people doing research in topics connected to my interests, but coming from different areas of logics and mathematics in general. This interaction was very interesting and will probably end up in new collaborations. The meeting at CMO-BIRS impacted my current research and gave me new ideas to continue my research.

Santiago Figueira Dr.
Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación and ICC CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires

It was really a very good workshop in the area of algorithmic randomness and its interaction with other areas like ergodic theory. Among interesting talks there were enough time to discussions and sessions on open problems. It was pleasant to listen about new results which are very close to my own research as well as about open problems. Some of open problems I consider as important and I will try to solve some of them.

Antonín Kučera professor
Dept. of Theoretical Computer Science, Charles university