Newest Developments and Urgent Issues in Measurement Error and Latent Variable Problems

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Texas A&M University
- 10:19
New Measurement Error Data Structures
Watch video | Download video: 201608150930-Carroll.mp4 (187M)
, Harvard School of Public Health - Epidemiology
- 11:42
Generalized methods-of-moments estimation and inference for the assessment of multiple imperfect measures of diet and physical activity in validation studies
Watch video | Download video: 201608151101-Spiegelman.mp4 (140M)
, Tel Aviv University
- 16:52
Nonparametric Adjustment for Measurement Error in Time to Event Data: Application to Risk Prediction Models
Watch video | Download video: 201608151618-Gorfine.mp4 (124M)
, Iowa State University
- 17:29
Bivariate kernel deconvolution density estimation: An application to vitamin D
Watch video | Download video: 201608151655-Carriquiry.mp4 (111M)
, Emory University
- 10:09
On heteroscedastic covariate measurement error in Cox regression
Watch video | Download video: 201608160929-Huang.mp4 (165M)
, Boston College
- 11:37
Unobserved Preference Heterogeneity in Demand Using Generalized Random Coefficients
Watch video | Download video: 201608161106-Lewbel.mp4 (131M)
, Kansus State University
- 10:10
Regression Calibration in Measurement Error Modeling
Watch video | Download video: 201608170930-Song.mp4 (127M)
, Université catholique de Louvain
- 11:17
Frontier estimation in the presence of measurement error with unknown variance
Watch video | Download video: 201608171036-VanKeilegom.mp4 (155M)
, Johns Hopkins University
- 12:05
Microeconomic Models with Latent Variables: Econometric Methods and Empirical Applications
Watch video | Download video: 201608171120-Hu.mp4 (133M)
, University of Melbourne
- 11:14
Methodology for nonparametric deconvolution when the error distribution is unknown
Watch video | Download video: 201608181034-Delaigle.mp4 (157M)
, Chinese Academy of Sciences
- 11:44
Least productive relative error criterion based estimating equation approaches for the error-in-covariables multiplicative regression models
Watch video | Download video: 201608181120-Wang.mp4 (63M)
, Tel Aviv University
- 16:38
Heritability Estimation Using a Regularized Regression Approach (HERRA)
Watch video | Download video: 201608181529-Gorfine.mp4 (222M)
, UNC Chapel Hill
- 09:40
Simultaneous treatment of unspecified heteroskedastic model error distribution and mismeasured covariates for restricted moment models
Watch video | Download video: 201608190900-Garcia.mp4 (122M)
, University of Western Ontario
- 11:14
Measurement error problems in image co-registration: a prostate cancer investigation
Watch video | Download video: 201608191028-He.mp4 (132M)