Participant Testimonials

Aug 14 - Aug 19, 2016

The workshop was an opportunity to meet leading researches in the field. It is and going to be very beneficial for my research and the research of my students.

Alexei Davydov Mathematics, Ohio University

Our workshop on modular categories brought together most of the major figures working on the subject today. They were drawn from a wide variety of mathematical subfields so many different perspectives on the current trends in this research area were presented. My time at CMO was very productive; I personally was able to resolve some questions relevant to my current research, and I learned about some new possibilities for applications to ongoing work on some classification problems.

Henry Tucker Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematics, University of California, San Diego

This conference was very engaging. I can tell that the organizers made a great effort to make sure that each member of the wide audience gained something from many of the talks. For instance, there were a good number of "Introduction to..." talks as well as a nice distribution of lecture topics at the conference. The research talks were also very interesting and I gained much from the conversations with participants between talks. Moreover, the facilities and location are absolutely fantastic-- the staff is friendly and resourceful and Oaxaca is lovely. I really enjoyed the organized tour to Mitla during the Wednesday afternoon break. In short, I learned a significant amount of mathematics, met (and re-met) a great group of mathematicians, and would definitely go to the next one if there is an opportunity to do so.

Chelsea Walton Department of Mathematics, Temple University