Participant Testimonials

Oct 23 - Oct 28, 2016

It was generally useful for me to meet people in the analytic combinatorics area, and see their technique and results. More directly, from the conference I am led to work of Pemantle and Wilson which I'm optimistic will provide tools to finish a proof of an old open problem I've been stalled on for years.

Mike Boyle Mathematics, University of Maryland

The workshop brought me new problems, new collaborations, and new techniques. I also had the opportunity to advertise the job positions open in my team.

√Člie de Panafieu math team, Bell Labs France, Nokia

The workshop helped me to meet with some colleagues and it turned out that we are working on closely related questions. A research collaboration has been initiated and within the frame of this collaboration I have an invitation to Taiwan in the following weeks. I wish your organization a long and prospering future.

Istvan Mezo School of Mathematics and Statistics, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

This was a stunning event in the most beautiful area imaginable. I don't travel much, so it was a chance to see several people again after a long interruption.

Helmut Prodinger Prof
Mathematics, Stellenbosch University