Mathematical and Statistical Challenges in Neuroimaging Data Analysis

Arriving Sunday, January 31 and departing Friday February 5, 2016

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Aston, John Cambridge University
Brown, Matthew University of Alberta
Chen, Shuo University of Maryland
Chung, Moo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cobzas, Dana University of Alberta
Cribben, Ivor Alberta School of Business
Guindani, Michele University of California Irvine
Guo, Ying Emory University
Harezlak, Jaroslaw Indiana University
Heo, Giseon University of Alberta
Hobbs, Brian University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Holroyd, Clay University of Victoria
Hu, Jianhua University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Huang, Chao University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jiang, Bei University of Alberta
Johnson, Timothy D. University of Michigan
Kang, Jian University of Michigan
Kong, Linglong University of Alberta
Li, Yimei St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Li, Lexin University of California-Berkeley
Lindquist, Martin Johns Hopkins University
Liu, Kevin Marquette University
Morris, Jeffrey The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Muschelli, John Johns Hopkins University
Nan, Bin University of Michigan
Nathoo, Farouk University of Victoria
Ogden, Todd Columbia University
Ombao, Hernando University of California Irvine (United States)
Pan, Wei University of Minnesota
Peng, Jie University of California, Davis
Polzehl, Joerg Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Risk, Benjamin Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute and University of North Carolina
Rowe, Daniel Marquette University
Shinohara, Russell University of Pennsylvania
Singh, Vikas University of Wisconsin-Madson
Song, Yin University of Victoria
Srivastava, Anuj Florida State University
Strother, Stephen Baycrest/University of Toronto
Tu, Wei University of Alberta
Vannucci, Marina Rice University
Wang, Xiao Purdue University
Yu, Yang University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zhang, Tingting University of Virginia
Zhang, Zhengwu University of Rochester
Zhang, Jingwen University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zhao, Yihong New York University
Zhu, Hongtu The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill