Participant Testimonials

Mar 27 - Apr 01, 2016

This workshop was the initial gathering for this particular community of researchers, and the impact of it will extend far beyond the wonderful week at BIRS. As you can see from the report, the groups are continuing to work on projects begun at BIRS, and publications likely will result. Over half of the participants were early-career mathematicians. Everyone participated in group discussions, everyone contributed to the group efforts, everyone learned a lot. Many young women can feel intimidated attending conferences; many are not even invited, as they are not on the radar screen yet. Workshops like WINART are invaluable to careers and to connecting junior researchers to senior mathematicians in the field. I applaud BIRS for being so open to hosting them.

Georgia Benkart Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I spent a wonderful week at BIRS, the ambiance was perfect for work, and the work done there as well as the talks will contribute a lot to my research. I have started a project with my team, which I wish will lead to new results. This meetings has been my first contact with the"Women in noncommutative algebra and representation theory" network, which will be helpful for myself and for my students.

Andrea Solotar Prof. Dr.
Matematica, Universidad de Buenos Aires

This was an overwhelmingly positive experience. It is the first time I am part of an organized research team of this nature, and it worked very well. I believe that this meeting and some planned follow up meetings will have a big impact in my field, and particularly on the careers of the junior researchers involved. I expect that my research team will write a paper that was begun at this meeting at BIRS, a collaboration that otherwise would not have happened.

Sarah Witherspoon Mathematics, Texas A&M University