GAMBIT: Towards a Global And Modular Beyond-the-Standard-Model Inference Tool

Arriving Sunday, September 27 and departing Friday October 2, 2015

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Athron, Peter Nanjing Normal University
Balazs, Csaba Monash University
Chrzaszcz, Marcin University of Zurich
Cornell, Jonathan UC Santa Cruz
Farmer, Ben OKC Stockholm University
Jackson, Paul Univeristy of Adelaide
Krislock, Abram University of Oslo
Kvellestad, Anders University of Oslo
Martinez, Greg UCLA
McKay, James Imperial College London
Raklev, Are University of Oslo
Rogan, Chris Harvard University
Scott, Pat Imperial College
Weniger, Christoph University of Amsterdam
White, Martin Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale