Participant Testimonials

Aug 09 - Aug 14, 2015

The CMO-BIRS workshop has been quite fruitful to my research. I had new ideas and insight on problems I was interested in and I initiated new research with at least one colleague.

Laurent Baratchart Dr
Project APICS, INRIA Sophia Antipolis

From the many interesting talks I heard, I got inspiration to try to solve new problems.

Christian Berg Professor emeritus
Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

I certainly enjoyed my stay at CMO in Oaxaca. I found the workshop very useful and stimulating.

Abdon Eddy Choque Rivero Instituto de Fisica y Matematicas, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo

I had ideas from the talks. I am currently working on a certain class of bivariate orthogonal polynomials. Many lectures were on multiple orthogonal polynomials so I got the idea of trying to extend my work to multiple orthogonal polynomials and I obtained some preliminary results during the meeting. Also talking about my research made me think more about the conceptual aspects of it and this also gave more ideas. I had very productive discussions with Luc Vinet and he was very helpful.

Mourad Ismail Mathematics, University of Central Florida and King Saud University

The workshop gave me the opportunity to interact with leading mathematicians in the field, discuss questions of interest, clarify ideas and inform myself of up to date research. I think it was a great opportunity to take part of it.

Guillermo Lopez Lagomasino Matematicas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

It was a privilege to take part in this workshop - I certainly learned a great deal about multiple orthogonal polynomials. In particular, I have begun to work on one of the conjectures posed in one of the talks at the workshop.

Doron Lubinsky School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology