Participant Testimonials

Nov 01 - Nov 06, 2015

It was a pleasure to participate in a highly inspirational workshop.

Antoine Deza Computing and Software, McMaster University

This workshop gave me an up-close overview of the state of the art in the field. The relaxed setting, small number of participants, as well as the schedule which allowed for lots of interaction allowed me to ask lots of questions and have informative discussions. While I've initiated some discussions with a couple participants, I'm not sure at present whether these discussions would lead to new results.

Bala Krishnamoorthy Mathematics, Washington State University

It was a fruitful and intense workshop, not only did I meet new researchers from the US and Canada, but some that I hadn't met before from my own country. The format of a selected number of participants motivated a more regular, concentrated, and fluent communication on the topics of interest. I hope the research projects discussed with new and old acquaintances in the workshop will results in future successful collaborations.

Edgar Possani Department of Mathematics, ITAM-Mexico

The workshop has been exciting by an expcetional scientific level of all its participants. The choice of the topic and attendants have been great. The two organizers have done a wonderfull job puting together such a number of specialists in Discrete Optimization.

Justo Puerto Estadística e Investigación Operativa, Universidad de Sevilla

I enjoyed the workshop very much. The organization was terrific and the format was very stimulating. I was able to discuss about my research with some colleagues and was given some ideas for improving it. I also learned about some new areas I would be interested to pursue in the future. The contacts I made were very valuable in this sense. I met new people, and shared some laughs too.

Roger Rios Graduate Program in Systems Engineering, UANL

I became aware of many interesting, advanced approaches and results in discrete optimization. I made new contacts promising of fruitful collaboration. Thank you!

David Romero Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM, IMUNAM

It was a wonderful opportunity to make new contacts with people in related areas of research. During the spare time, I had opportunity to learn about some interesting open problems in computational complexity and approximation algorithms.

Francisco J. Zaragoza Sistemas, UAM Azcapotzalco