Participant Testimonials

Dec 07 - Dec 12, 2014

Everything was perfect. I could enjoy the lectures and discussion with top level researchers in this area.

Masanori Asakura Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics, Hokkaido University

I was very happy to present my recent work at this conference. I met also new people and this could be of interest for my future research.

Philippe Gille Directeur de recherches
Mathématiques, Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

This was a great opportunity for me to meet and discuss with several of my professional colleagues, all in one place. I was also happy to be given the opportunity to speak on some of my own recent work. The organizers did a great job and I thank them. I also have to say that this was my fourth visit to Banff (third to BIRS) and it was very enjoyable.

Roy Joshua Mathematics, Ohio State University