Participant Testimonials

Feb 06 - Feb 11, 2011

This was an outstanding workshop with a large fraction of the leading researchers in the field. It was well-organized in every regard and the BIRS facilities were ideally suited to its size and scope.

Greg Fiete Prof.
Department of Physics, University of Texas Austin

The workshop was restricted to a small (20) group of leading experts in this nascent field. This was great. It allowed ample opportunities for long, detailed one-on-one discussions between knowledgeable experts. I learned of many important advances achieved in rival labs., and picked up many valuable ideas for new research directions. I am happy I decided to attend. Banff is highly unusual in providing nearly ideal conditions for such well-targeted workshops in rapidly developing research areas. In the North American continent, its only rival is Aspen.

N. Phuan Ong Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics
Physics, Princeton University