Participant Testimonials

Apr 10 - Apr 15, 2011

I will remember the discussions at Banff, and some of the people I spoke to in person for the first time, for many years; they are having an important influence on the directions of my research.

Grant Lythe University of Leeds

Yes, this workshop did impact on my research, indeed. It was a great and discussion loving atmosphere with great colleagues. Most of them were known to me in one way or another. However, there were also a few new contacts that I could establish and from which both sides will benefit. I have rediscussed seemingly established knowledge and learned about other point of views. I cannot yet tell whether these discussions will on long term lead to new collaborations or additional papers. However, I also had the opportunity to let colleagues know about job opportunities in my lab. This workshop was excellent and outstanding, which is certainly not only due to the attending scientists but also to the nice atmosphere in BANFF and the excellent facilities.

Michael Meyer-Hermann Department Systems Immunology, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI)

I learnt a considerable amount about the current state of the art in techniques such as single particle tracking and two photon imaging. It was very useful also to be introduced to the main players in mathematical modeling in my field. These personal contacts will make it much easier to interact in future.

Anton van der Merwe Professor
Pathology, Oxford University