Participant Testimonials

Jan 30 - Feb 04, 2011

The workshop covered some of the very new research areas in linear algebra, graph theory and combinatorics. I learned some of the new research topics on eigenvalues of laplacian and signless laplacian matrix. I had some very interesting research talk with some of the attendees. It provides me some new ideas about the second the largest eigenvalues of some special matrices.

Mahmud Akelbek Department of Mathematics, Weber State University

The workshop was a fantastic opportunity to network with other people in my field, and particularly to put names and faces together. During the workshop I was able to focus and found a new extension for research that I had been working on and was able to share that with another participant at the workshop.

Steve Butler Mathematics, UCLA

It was a rare moment in my academic life, meeting some of the leading and influential researchers in my area of interest. The lectures were exciting. BIRS facilities are simply excellent! The organization was superb. Special thanks to Hadi Kharaghani and Richard Brualdi.

Carlos M. da Fonseca Mathematics, Universidade de Coimbra

This was a great workshop with many interesting and well presented talks. There were participants from four continents and more than ten countries and we were blessed with having Richard Brualdi as an organizer. Thank you very much for making such a great facility available to mathematicians.

Hadi Kharaghani Chair
Math and Computer Science, University of Lethbridge

It is early to say, but I learned a lot of new material. I had discussions with many colleagues and this will certainly affect my current research.

Vladimir Nikiforov Dept Math Sciences, University of Memphis