Participant Testimonials

Apr 17 - Apr 22, 2011

My participation in the BIRS workshop had a high impact on my current research. I had the opportunity to discuss my current research with other people working in the same area. From this discussions I had new interesting ideas regarding my research.

Maria Buzano Mathematics, University of Oxford

Since there were not too many colleagues working in numerics at this conference, the most important impact on my research was to see what the important problems in the field of Ricci flow and related topics were. We are working in numerical methods for Ricci flow (a PhD student and I) and I could collect a lot of problems which should be attacked numerically. Also the discussions concerning applied geometric evolution equations have been very helpful, specially the organizers Eric Woolgar and Gerhard Huisken pushed forward the connection between theoretical and applied studies.

Gerhard Dziuk Professor
Applied Mathematics, University of Freiburg

It's a wonderful experience for me to participate BIRS workshop on "Geometric flows in mathematics and physics", April 17-22. I attended all the talks, and engaged many fruitful discussions with other participants. The talks are of very high quality, topics touch the most recent development in the field. More importantly, what I like the most is the stimulation interactions with people there. I also worked out with my collaborator Lei Ni during the stay in BIRS. We made some good progress on the problem we have been working on for some time. In conclusion, it's a very successful workshop!

Pengfei Guan Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

Heard some nice new ideas, and met some interesting people. Could present my own work in a talk. It was also nice to talk again to people I met before at other conferences.

Robert Haslhofer Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich