Participant Testimonials

Nov 11 - Nov 13, 2011

I attended a "calculus teaching workshop", which naturally did not impact my current research. However, the workshop allowed me to see different ways to teach calculus, it made new resources for teaching calculus available (through a sharing of materials of the participants), it introduced me to many colleagues who teach calculus and with whom I can "network" in future, and it inspired me to strive to become a better calculus instructor. It was a great workshop for me personally, not just because of the ideas I encountered and the contacts I made, but also because of the stunning setting of BIRS. I am very grateful to BIRS (and its funders) for enabling this workshop.

William Hackborn Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science
Sciences, University of Alberta, Augustana campus

I found this very interesting and this is the first time I interacted with other calculus teachers. It was refreshing to see that we are not alone and that we all have the same concerns. The heads up on Math 31 is also very useful. I am glad I made contact with Mont Royal and I hope collaboration can start soon.

Maria Torres Dr.
Centre of Science, University of Athabasca