Participant Testimonials

May 27 - May 29, 2011

I think we owe BIRS a great thank you note more than anything. As you know, our main goal with this meeting was to discuss technical problems related to our network, aiming at strengthening collaboration and identifying further avenues for joint work. I am sure I speak for all when I say BIRS provided us with the ideal setting in which to have a focused and productive meeting. All the feedback I got, and I did get lots of it, pointed to people finding their visit extremely worth their time. I know our researchers will look back at our BIN@Banff meeting as a highlight of our network. Most attendees had their first visit this past weekend, while some were coming back after several years. The consensus, however, is that BIRS is a truly outstanding facility and a tremendous resource. We will certainly not hesitate in coming back should another opportunity arise. I would also like to thank BIRS and Caroline for your hospitality.

Denilson Barbosa Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

I had a great time in Banff. I just finished putting my notes in order and wrote down a whole page of insights and action items. It was a very stimulating and fun event!

Giuseppe Carenini Computer Science, University of British Columbia

My participation in the BIRS workshop on Data Analytics was very helpful to my research. It provided a unique opportunity to interact with colleagues in our research network and to develop and explore new collaborations.

Sheila McIlraith Associate Professor
Computer Science, University of Toronto

The workshop offered a wonderful opportunity for the academic participants to interact with each other and with the industrial partners. I expect two and possibly three new collaborations to arise from contacts made at the workshop.

Evangelos Milios Computer Science, Faculty of, Dalhousie University

The research workshop helped me understand new trends in Data Management and Business Intelligence; in terms of Real-time and Live Business Intelligence, Social Data Analysis; and their associated collaborations in research in the NSERC BIN network. Also, the workshop made me make new contacts of researchers from different Universities; since the BIN network comprises of different researchers.

Michael Mireku Kwakye Student Researcher

It was great. I think that I will start a new long term collaboration based on it.

Rachel Pottinger Computer Science, University of British Columbia

The workshop was great and I made valuable contacts.

Herna Viktor Associate professor
School of IT and Engineering, University of Ottawa