Participant Testimonials

Sep 02 - Sep 04, 2011

A feature of this workshop is the opportunity provided for interactions between the participants. Workshop organizers have facilitated round-table sessions in which questions and answers were shared, and lively discussions were encouraged. Invited participants are from diverse interdisciplinary background and top in their field. Such a combination of ideas and perspectives have been beneficial to all attendees. The workshop presentations, discussion in the round-table sessions, and potential collaborations amongst participants have created the opportunity for meaningful progress in the field of energy and environment modeling and simulation.

Zhangxin John Chen Professor
Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary

I believe this BIRS visit has indeed helped me, in letting me show some of my results to important contemporary applied mathematicians, and in making new or keeping strong contacts. As concerns of concrete, present and future effects, other that those stated, it is still early to make an assessment, but, as I said, I believe strongly BIRS visit has provided me with a strong forwarding jump for my mathematical career. If at least one good collaboration starts out of this, and this in turn results in a good scientific paper, then I think my expectations would have been more than exceeded, beyond the positive effects I feel now. At any rate, BIRS environment is surely inspiring, and I for one will tell my colleagues to seize the opportunity to assist to BIRS, if they have the chance. I would like to thank you and of course the organizer, Zhangxin John Chen, who will be with us soon, at the mexican petroleum institute.

Arturo Ortiz-Tapia Molecular Engineering, Mexican Petroleum Institute

Thank you very much for your arranging me at Banff. It is a beautiful place. I shall remember this trip.

Xijun Yu Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Attending this Workshop of Modelling and Simulation was really exciting, not only for the academic experience but also for enjoying the beauty of nature here. It was a very spiritual experience. I really felt I could be one with Nature for a while. I could contact people in order to (potentially) publish papers, I got new ideas for my own research,I could learn other perspectives of my own field of reasearch,etc. Definitly it was an amazing experience in all senses.

Ricardo Zavala Yoe Dr.
Departamento de Matematicas, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM)