Participant Testimonials

Nov 26 - Nov 28, 2010

Thank you very much for the hospitality of BIRS towards the Math Kangaroo team. The food and the accommodations were excellent. The workshop has helped the team to reorganize in order to be able to help more students from grades 3 to 12 to be more involved in mathematics. It also had opened prospects of research on how students progress through the years in mathematics.

Sophie Chrysostomou Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

The workshop helped me to meet my colleagues and discuss the ways to work with talented or mathematically inclined students and promote mathematical outreach activities among them. This collaboration inspired new ideas about my research in mathematics education on mathematical problem solving strategies and problem composition approaches.

Margo Kondratieva Assistant professor
Education/Math and Stats, Memorial University of Newfoundland

My participation in the workshop impacted the area of my work in mathematics outreach significantly. I learned a lot about what other participants do. I met people and could have discussions on topics of common interest during the two days of the workshop. Yes, I established new collaborations with other mathematicians. We are working on papers and had some discussions on what exactly to include. Two of my students from Concordia University College of Alberta attended the workshop as well as gave presentations. This certainly will affect their job prospects since they gained experience in giving presentations and met other faculty members and researchers. The workshop may influence some hiring decisions I need to make in nearest future - at the beginning of 2011. Hospitality at BIRS is great. I can only say good things for the staff ... So much was done by BIRS - it made my work as an organizer and a participant so easy.

Rossitza Marinova Mathematical and Computing Sciences, Concordia University College of Alberta

Thank you for the hospitality and for the facilities made available. Our organisation had a very successful conference on outreach of mathematical knowledge and instruction.

Todor Pandeliev Advanced Audio Systems, Communication Research Centre, Industry Canada

During the workshop I had the opportunity to meet people sharing similar interests and I got to know about the projects they are involved in. In the same time, I found out about initiatives they made in their regions which I will try to promote, in the future, in mine, too. For me personally, the workshop was very fruitful: I made new contacts, talked about further collaboration and gave me ideas about how to improve the things we do at regional level.

Ildiko Pelczer MSc
MATI, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

The workshop was an unique opportunity for me to meet the people involved in the Kangaroo project. From this point of view, the input I received from them was extremely useful, the experience they shared gave an insight on how other centers manages to handle the growing administrative issues and the brain-storming brought forward interesting ideas. Overall, was an excellent occasion to share and build together. It definitively brought into my attention possible venues to extend the Kangaroo in our region.

Ildiko Pelczer Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

New contacts, affects my students and the development of my professional interests.

Svitlana Semenko Edmonton Schools