Facets of Heteroepitaxy: Theory, Experiment, and Computation (08w5050)


Joanna Mirecki-Millunchick (University of Michigan)

Christian Ratsch (University of California, Los Angeles)

(University of Michigan)


This conference held at BIRS, Feb 10 - Feb 15, 2008, will bring together mathematicians, scientists, and engineers to discuss a process, named heteroepitaxy. Quantum dot materials can be made by this process. Such materials have novel optical and electronic properties; in fact some types of solid state lasers have been made using them. A very promising way to manufacture such quantum dots is to take advantage of the fact that due to elastic strain, these quantum dots self-assemble. Many aspects of these mechanisms remain mysterious and the purpose of this meeting is to bring together a diverse group of people to help to shed some new light on this important process.

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