Numerical Analysis of Multiscale Computations

Arriving Sunday, January 28 and departing Friday February 2, 2007

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Ariel, Gil University of Texas
Bold, Katy Princeton University
Engquist, Bjorn University of Texas at Austin
Gamba, Irene M. University of Texas, Austin
Gilbert, Anna University of Michigan
Iwen, Mark Michigan State University
Le Bris, Claude Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees
Luskin, Mitchell University of Minnesota
Ren, Weiqing National University of Singapore
Runborg, Olof KTH
Ruuth, Steve Simon Fraser University
Sharp, Richard University of Texas at Austin
Souganidis, Panagiotis University of Chicago
Sun, Yi New York University
Szepessy, Anders Royal Institute of Technology KTH
Tharkabhushanam, Sri Harsha University of Texas
Tsai, Yen-Hsi University of Texas at Austin
Vanden Eijnden, Eric New York University