Group Embeddings: Geometry and Representations (07w5034)


(Institut Fourier)

(Loyola University Chicago)

(University of Western Ontario)

Ernest Vinberg (Moscow State University)


Many of the world's leading experts in embedding theory and representation theory will be descending on BIRS September 16--21, 2007. Embedding theory is an inherently interdisciplinary branch of mathematics that combines group theory, representation theory, algebraic geometry, combinatorics and topology. These forty scholars will discuss the fundamental questions of embedding theory. Embedding theory has its roots in the 19th century work of Cayley, Klein, Schubert, Cartan and Hilbert. Since then it has been infused with the more sophisticated 20th century mathematics of Chevalley, Nagata, Borel, Tits and Mumford. This five-day workshop is organized by Brion (Grenoble), Doty (Chicago), Renner (London, Canada) and Vinberg (Moscow); each of them bringing their internationally celebrated perspective to this focused event.

(1) What "is" symmetry?
(2) How is it compactified?
(3) What does it "look like" at infinity?
(4) How is it measured?

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