Analytic Methods for Diophantine Equations (06w5101)


(University of British Columbia)

(Concordia University)

William Duke (University of California, Los Angeles)

Andrew Granville (University de Montreal)

(Courant Institute NYU and Simons Foundation)


Some of the oldest questions in mathematics stem from the desire to find integer solutions to equations. From the equation in Pythagoras' theorem, to Fermat's last theorem, professional and amateur mathematicians alike are thrilled in trying to determine solutions, or to prove there are none. With such a venerable topic it is not surprising that there are many competing approaches to such questions, some whose time has already come, some that are very hot methods right now, and some whose time is yet to come. At this meeting (Analytic Methods for Diophantine Equations, May 13-May18, 2006) at BIRS there are participants from many of the different schools of thought in this subject; it will be an interesting opportunity for them to come together and find common ground.

During the last academic year two of the world's major research institutes, the Centre de Recherche Mathematiques in Montreal, and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, have hosted semester long programmes on different aspects on these questions, and many of the participants in those programmes, as well as some special extra invitees will be at this meeting. We can hope for some exciting interactions.

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